How to Play Golf Croquet

The game is played with four balls, Blue and Black versus Red and Yellow. The balls are played in sequence: Blue, then Red, then Black, then Yellow and then Blue again.

All four balls attempt to get through Hoop 1. The side that succeeds in doing so scores a point. Then you move on to Hoop 2 and so on until Hoop 13. The first six hoops are played clockwise, then the same hoops are played anti-clockwise until you get to Hoop 13. The team with the highest score wins the game. Hoop 13 can often be deciding hoop.

Defensive play is an integral part of the game. You can hit an opponent’s ball away from the hoop to prevent them from taking the hoop, or you can use blocking shots to block an opponent’s ball from taking the hoop.

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Popular Croquet Variations


Association Croquet can be played by two or four players using a mallet to strike a ball through a series of hoops on a croquet lawn. The balls are played in a particular order, blue and black against red and yellow. The first side to get both of their balls through the hoops in order and hit the centre peg is the winner. The players play alternate turns. A turn consists of a single stroke, after which the turn ends unless the striker’s ball scores the next hoop or hits another ball. In this case, the player earns an extra stroke.

Those interested in the rules of the game can access them here:

Rob’s Top Technique

Wodonga Tennis Centre


Ricochet can be played by up to four people using the same mallets and on the same courts as both Association and Golf croquet. However, unlike Association, when a ball is roqueted, the striker’s ball remains live and two free shots are earned. This enables strikers to play their ball near to another opponent’s ball and ricochet that too, thus earning two more free shots. Running a hoop also earns one free shot. Each team plays alternate turns. The object of the game is for each side to compete to make both their balls score 12 hoop points and a peg point before the other side.

Those interested in the rules of the game can access them here:

Gale at Play

Wodonga Tennis Centre


Gateball is also a mallet sport similar to Association and Golf croquet. However, mallets and courts are both different. Each court has three gates and a goal pole. The game is played by two teams (red and white) of five players. Each player has a numbered ball corresponding to their playing order. The odd-numbered balls are red and the even-numbered balls are white. Teams score one point for each ball they hit through a gate and two points for hitting the goal pole. A game of Gateball lasts for 30 minutes and the team that has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Those interested in the rules of the game can access them here:

Playing Gateball

A different game, but still croquet